ST. LOUIS – Private College 529 Plan is ending 2017 on a high note, with nine colleges and universities joining the Plan during 2017. Private College 529 is the only 529 plan that enables families to potentially save thousands of dollars on the cost of private college by prepaying tomorrow’s tuition at today’s prices.

The new members are: Bucknell University in Pennsylvania, Davidson College in North Carolina, East Texas Baptist University, Emerson College in Massachusetts, Indiana Wesleyan University, College of Saint Benedict in Minnesota, Saint John’s University in Minnesota, Spring Hill College in Alabama, and the University of Southern California. They bring the total of participating institutions to 292. The Plan was designed and is owned by its participating colleges and universities. These institutions bear the market risk and guarantee families’ prepaid tuition.

“We are thrilled to add these great schools to our roster,” Private College 529 President Nancy Farmer said. “These outstanding institutions recognize that families are under great stress when it comes to paying for college and know the ability to offer prepaid tuition is one tool to help them attract future students.”

College tuition, both public and private, continues to rise faster than inflation and family incomes, and prepaid tuition is one way families can lock in lower costs for future students. “The addition of these nine institutions provides families with expanded choices for their children and grandchildren,” Farmer continued.

With participating institutions ranging from large research universities to liberal arts colleges to STEM schools to faith-based institutions, Private College 529 offers families a range of options to gain a private college degree and save on the cost. Participating institutions guarantee the prepaid tuition. Families pay no fees and their accounts are not subject to market volatility associated with 529 savings plans.

“As more and more colleges and universities join the Plan, it means increased opportunities for families who see private college in their children’s future,” Farmer said. “With the variety we’re continuing to build, I’m confident there is a school for anyone.”

About Private College 529 Plan

Private College 529 Plan launched in 2003. It is authorized under Section 529 of the Internal Revenue Code. It is the only 529 plan not operated by a state government. Private College 529 is owned by nearly 300 private colleges and universities nationwide. The institutions, collectively the Tuition Plan Consortium, LLC, offer prepaid tuition that can be used at any member or any that join in the future. Ownership of a Private College 529 account does not guarantee admission to any institution or affect the admissions process. For more information, please visit

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