The students may be home finishing the academic year online, but there’s still plenty of activity on college campuses. Many institutions, including members of Private College 529 Plan, are actively engaged in fighting Coronavirus in their local communities and beyond:

Baylor University

Covid-19 is a battle from coast-to-coast. Baylor University is tackling a serious problem in areas where “social distancing” means meals, not just people.

Pacific Lutheran University, La Salle University, Lawrence University, & Bradley University

Pacific Lutheran University, La Salle University, Lawrence University, and Bradley University and many others have donated much needed medical equipment and supplies, doing their part to help.

Cornell College

How creative are college students? Aiding the fight against Covid-19 is not a game for a group of students at Cornell College.

University of Chicago

Cooperation among medical institutions seems at a high point with the Covid-19 outbreak. University of Chicago is one of the leaders in research to find out if blood plasma of people recovered from the disease can successfully treat those still suffering from it.

Tulane University

Medical experts from Tulane University have focused Covid-19 research on identifying mechanisms to keep the virus from spreading:

Johns Hopkins University

Where do policymakers and media turn when looking for the latest data on Covid-19 cases? Johns Hopkins University, of course.

Duke University

3-D printing technology is coming to the rescue for medical workers on the front lines in the battle against Covid-19 thanks to a multi-department cooperative project at Duke University.

How fast can medical facilities expand to meet the needs of Covid-19 patients? Duke University did the job in less than a week.

Middlebury College

Sporting events are cancelled, but stadiums are still useful, especially near Middlebury College

Rice University

Beating Covid-19 requires great amounts of sophisticated technology. But a team at Rice University discovered that sophisticated doesn’t necessarily mean expensive.


With personal protective equipment in short supply, Massachusetts Institute of Technology moved protective face shields from the lab to the field in a big hurry.

Stanford University

Stanford University is in the heart of Silicon Valley. It is teaming with leading firms to help keep first-responders safe and Stanford engineers have turned what started as a deep-dive mask into a medical mask to block the Coronavirus:

Valparaiso University

With on-campus classes not in session, students at Valparaiso University won’t turn in reports on paper. Instead, the report covers they’re not using can be enlisted in the fight against Covid-19 in hospitals and clinics.

Princeton University

Princeton University is attacking Covid-19 from a multi-disciplinary approach. From molecular biology to economics, faculty research teams are looking for some quick answers.

Boston University 

While most offices and functions are closed at colleges and universities, you can find exceptions – laboratories! Boston University scientists have what it takes to get a close look at the Coronavirus.

Brandeis University

It’s a familiar story on many campuses – top researchers dropping their current projects to contribute to the fight against Covid-19. Brandeis University has several efforts underway.

University of Rochester

Have you heard of the calls from hospitals around the country asking retired medical professionals to come back to work Here’s the other end of the spectrum, University of Rochester medical students graduated early to get into the wards to help patients.

Catholic University 

The fight against Coronavirus is costly to our nation’s colleges, but Catholic University and one of its professors are foregoing potential revenue from his research on vaccine delivery systems:

Washington University

Can an anti-depressant depress Covid-19’s attack on immune systems? Private College 529 member Washington University – St. Louis has that study underway.

Saint Louis University

College students are away from their campuses and professors, but they are not idle. More than 20 departments at Saint Louis University are answering dozens of questions.

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