The Private College Difference

We did the research so you don’t have to.

When considering your child’s education you don’t have to look far to see that our selection of private colleges addresses your desires and concerns. Learn more about the benefits of choosing a private college below.

We are here to make navigating the process easy and simple for families, advisors and participating schools!

Learn About the Benefits

Private College 529 Plan President shares the advantages of attending a private college or university.


If you think that private colleges and universities are too expensive — think again

Private colleges offer more aid, awarding double the number of grants and triple the amount of grant aid than public institutions. The majority of students pay less than the published tuition rate or “sticker price.”1 Use the net price calculator on any college’s website to estimate that school’s cost for your student.

While few families can save 100% of college costs, the average private institution graduate borrowed about $20,600 – less than a modest car.2 Nearly 300 private colleges allow you to prepay tuition with Private College 529. The combination of more grants and tax-advantaged prepaid tuition can make the cost of attending a private school far more affordable than you thought.

Quicker Degrees

It takes less time to earn a degree at a private college or university

Data shows that students attending private, not-for-profit institutions are more likely to graduate in four years than those attending a public institution.³ Fewer years of paying tuition and more years earning a salary can add up to more dollars in your pocket.

Protect yourself from tuition increases and market volatility by prepaying with Private College 529 Plan and you can save more and worry less.


There’s a private college or university for everyone

So many options: from small liberal arts colleges to large STEM universities set in cities, suburbs, and rural locations. Private colleges are diverse in class and student life offerings, student body and faculty, and mission and values. Your student can choose any major, play any sport, and be part of any organization that meets his or her interests. Student bodies at private colleges are as racially, ethnically and economically diverse as public universities.4

The nearly 300 private colleges and universities across the country that participate in Private College 529 Plan represent a diverse selection from top-ranked national to regional institutions. By allowing you to prepay tuition, these colleges help make private higher education an attractive and affordable choice for families.

Personal Attention

Students get the care and attention that helps them succeed

Lower student-faculty ratios and smaller class sizes at private institutions mean more individual attention. Students are better able to engage in class discussions, learn from experienced professors and participate in research. Private colleges are expanding outreach, academic support, and financial aid programs to help students from all backgrounds achieve success.

Private College 529 Plan can help you save on the cost of a private college that best meets the needs and interests of your student.5

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