Gifts as Contributions

Between holidays, birthdays, and special occasions—think “outside the box” and consider prepaid college tuition. It’s a gift to children of all ages, a great present for their parents, and a perfect way to show the enduring love of family.

Check out what you can do as either an existing account owner or family new to the Plan:

New to Private College 529 Plan

Prepaid college tuition is the kind of gift that loved ones are eager to give year after year as they watch your child grow up. By enrolling in Private College 529 Plan, you can invite as many people as you want to make an eGift (contribution) to your account. Your family will appreciate having a helping hand in your child’s education.

Existing Account Owner

As a parent, you do all the penny pinching, planning, and worrying—so prepaid tuition is as much a gift to you too! Ask for contributions to your child’s Private College 529 account by logging in and starting an eGifting event.

Are you a grandparent with an account, or perhaps another family member? Enrolling in the Plan was an extraordinary gift to a child in your family. Use that same gift for holidays or birthdays by contributing to your account.