Account Management

1. How can I contribute to my account?

You can contribute online at any time. Log in and select the Financial tab to make a One-Time Contribution or set up an Automatic Contribution Plan. Be sure to have your bank account and routing numbers on hand. By law, contributions cannot be made with credit cards.

2. How do I know how much tuition I own at participating schools?

When you open an account you will be asked to designate five sample schools. Your account statement will report how much tuition you own at those schools. You may login to your account and update your sample school list and check how much tuition you own at any participating school, any time.

Log in and select Manage Sample Schools under the Profile tab to update your list of “sample schools”.

3. How do I redeem a Tuition Certificate?

The redemption process is easy.

Log in and redeem your Tuition Certificate(s), providing the name of the participating school and either the amount of tuition and mandatory fees or the percentage of Tuition Certificate(s) you would like to redeem.

You will receive a confirmation from the Plan and the funds will be sent directly to the school.

4. How can I make changes to my account?

Log in to your account to make changes through our secure customer access portal.

5. Can I invite others to contribute to my child's Private College 529 Plan account?

Engaging family and friends to contribute to your account is made easy by logging in and creating an eGift event.

Indicate the reason for the event, such as a birthday or graduation, and the account(s) that you would like associated with the event. Add the names and email addresses of those you want to invite to make a contribution to your beneficiary’s account(s).

Write your own message or choose our automatic message, and then confirm and create the event.

Family and friends can contribute online through the link provided in the email which you can also share on demand through the event page as long as the event is active. Events remain active until they are disabled by the account owner which will inactivate all links associated with the event.