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Private College 529 Plan families save on the cost of a great education with:
  • No fees
  • No market risk
  • Distributions are federal tax free if used for qualified expenses
  • Multiple, convenient contribution options
  • Online tracking of the value of Tuition Certificates at each participating college
  • College planning guidance and advice from the experts at our member schools
  • Tuition Certificates are guaranteed at any participating institution once the student enrolls
  • Flexibility if the student doesn’t attend a participating school*

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Contributions to your account before July 1 lock in current tuition and fees at hundreds of participating colleges from coast to coast.

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* Private College 529 Plan assets can be used to pay any qualified expense at any college or university, public or private. The tuition guarantee applies only to participating institutions. Outside the network, the value of the account is calculated as your total contributions adjusted for net investment returns subject to a maximum increase of 2 percent per year or a maximum loss of 2 percent per year, compounded annually. If the refunded amount is not used to pay qualified education expenses, the earnings portion will be subject to federal income tax and an additional 10 percent penalty. See Disclosure Statement for details.