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We’re Not Your Typical 529 Plan

Lock in current tuition rates at hundreds of private colleges and universities from coast to coast 


Contributions to your account purchase Tuition Certificates at the current rate at any participating college or university, or any that join in the future. 

  • No fees or market volatility.
  • Multiple, convenient contribution options.
  • Online tracking of the value of your contributions at each participating school.
  • Tuition Certificates are guaranteed and may be used at any participating institution once it’s time for the student to enroll.
  • Flexibility if the student doesn’t attend a participating school.

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Stanford University

Princeton University

University of Notre Dame

Duke University

Georgetown University

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Emory University

George Washington University

University of Southern California

University of Chicago


St. Olaf College

Boston University

Baylor University

Wake Forest University

Washington University of St. Louis

     And hundreds more…