College Planning and Saving Resources for You and Your Clients

Livestream Recordings

Expected Family Contribution

Take a deep dive into the Expected Family Contribution (EFC), used to determine financial aid eligibility for families applying to college.

Latest in Financial Aid

Guests from Clark University and USC discuss The Latest in Financial Aid and College Financing. 

Helping Clients Plan

We partnered with NAPFA on an education session specially tailored to financial advisors. Watch Helping Clients Plan for Higher Education Expenses. *This webinar is eligible for both NAPFA and CFP CE credits.

Education Videos

CSS Profile

Learn about the “other” financial aid form, the CSS Profile, with Shannon Amundson, Director of Financial Aid at Colorado College.

Comparing Financial Aid Award Letters

Learn how to Compare Financial Aid Award Letters with Melissa Smurdon, Director of Financial Aid at Butler University.

College Readiness

You’ve heard the term, now hear from Curtis Furguson, Associate Director of Admission (USC), and Orlando Ramirez, Assistant Director of Admission (DePauw) on College Readiness.

Expert Blog Posts

The College Search

Audrey Smith, VP of Enrollment Emeritus at Smith College, talks about the Fall 2021 College Search. 

Financial Aid Appeals

Gail Holt, Dean of Financial Aid at Amherst College, talks about Financial Aid Appeals.

Financial Aid Award Letters

Karen Cooper, Associate Dean and Director of Financial Aid at Stanford University, talks about the Financial Aid Award Letter.

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Additional Resources

Changes to Financial Aid Rules

As part of the FY’21 omnibus spending/COVID stimulus bill, Congress enacted changes that directly impact higher education, specifically the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), changes/updates to data elements driving federal methodology and other student aid changes.  We’ve outlined some of the major changes for you and your clients to be aware of. 

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Prepaids and the Optimal College Savings Portfolio

Certified Financial Planner Brain Boswell, president and founder of 529 Expert LLC, offers insight into how prepaid plans fit into an overall optimal college savings portfolio and how clients seeking to diversify their college savings investments could benefit from a portfolio that includes assets in Prepaids.   

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6 Benefits of Saving for College with a Prepaid Plan

As college costs continue to rise, prepaid tuition plans offer your clients the option to lock in future tuition at today’s prices, leading to potential cost savings but also reduced investment risk associated with prepaid plans.  Learn more about some of the additional benefits of saving for college with a prepaid plan.

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