Tomorrow's Tuition at Today's Prices GUARANTEED

Give your children the education they deserve at a price you can afford. With Private College 529 Plan, you can potentially save thousands of dollars – putting the ideal education within reach.

The Private College Difference.

Private college can be surprisingly affordable and give your children the personal attention they need to thrive – and graduate on time.

One Day, "Back to School" Will Mean Your Child's First Day of College

Learn more about how prepaying tuition can give your child more options. With nearly 300 participating schools, we make it easy to find a private college that’s right for your future scholar.


Six ways a prepaid tuition plan can benefit your college savings

Get help navigating uncertain times when it comes to saving for your child’s future. Learn about the benefits of adding a Prepaid Tuition plan to help diversify your college savings strategy – and do even more. Six reasons to add a prepaid college tuition plan:

Save on tuition
Enjoy flexible options
Get tax benefits
Maintain Favorable Financial Aid Treatment
Reduce investment risk
Build on other savings plans

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College 529 Plan

Participating Schools

Nearly 300 private colleges and universities across the U.S.

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Private College 529 Plan Takes the Worry Out of College Saving

Paying for college is the third largest investment most families make. Like buying a home or saving for retirement, most families pay for college over time. They can pay for higher education by planning and saving in advance, or borrowing later. Planning for college gives families more control and students more choices. Click the boxes to below to learn how Private College 529 Plan may help you relieve anxiety over rising college costs and reduce or avoid debt!

Potentially Save Thousands on College Costs

With Private College 529, you buy tomorrow’s tuition at today’s prices. No matter how much tuition increases, your prepaid tuition is guaranteed by all participating colleges. You take no risk in volatile financial markets and pay no fees. Every dollar buys tuition at any of the nearly 300 participating schools.

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Watch How It Works

529 plans help families save for college. There are two types of 529s: savings (investment) and prepaid tuition.

Private College 529 is a prepaid tuition plan and is the only 529 not run by a state government.

See the plan explained in three minutes!

Retain Control and Flexibility

If the child doesn’t attend a participating school, you have options:

  • Name a new beneficiary
  • Roll the assets to another 529 plan
  • Request a refund and use the assets to pay for qualified college expenses

The best value is to use the prepaid tuition at a participating institution.*

If you take a refund rather than redeem your tuition certificates for their intended purpose, the refund will be adjusted based on the net performance of the Program Trust, subject to a maximum increase of 2% per year, and a maximum loss of 2% per year. If your refund amount is not used to pay for qualified higher education expenses, the earnings portion of that amount will be subject to U.S. federal income tax and a 10% additional tax. *See Disclosure Statement for details. The refund amount will be paid from the Program Trust only.

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Enjoy Private College Advantages

Students at private colleges receive more financial aid and far more graduate in four years than students in public institutions.

Private institutions are more competitive in terms of cost and more affordable than you may think.

The Council of Independent Colleges, Student Debt Myths and Facts, August 2016

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Funding the Future

Scroll down the page to reveal how Private College 529 Plan can help you fund your child’s future. (Note: This is a hypothetical example of ways to contribute to the plan, NOT actual examples of an account owner.)

  • private-college-529-timeline-image-1


    My husband and I were lucky enough to go to great private colleges at a time when the cost of college was less expensive than it is now.

  • private-college-529-plan-timeline-image-2


    As young parents, we were nervous about funding our son’s college education, so we opened a Private College 529 Plan account. It only took a few minutes and we started with just a few hundred dollars.

  • private-college-529-timeline-image-3


    When we started his account, we were able to lock in current tuition rates. All contributions between July 1 and June 30 lock in that year’s rates. So while the cost of college increased for others, it didn’t for us.

  • private-college-529-timeline-image-4


    When our son was out of diapers, we put half of what we spent on diapers into the account. When he was out of daycare, we added that money.

  • private-college-529-timeline-image-5


    Over the years, tax refunds, work bonuses and gifts went into his account. We also asked family and friends to contribute as holiday and birthday gifts. We were determined that our child would attend college and have less debt when he was done.

  • private-college-529-timeline-image-6


    Because of Private College 529 Plan, we put aside half the cost of four years’ education.

  • 7

    When he left for college, it broke our hearts but not the bank.

  • private-college-529-timeline-image-7


    Prepaid tuition through Private College 529 Plan, combined with grants and scholarships he earned, helped us realize our dream: our son graduated from college debt-free.

  • private-college-529-timeline-image-8


    Take 15 or 20 minutes and a few dollars to start your Private College 529 Plan account today. It can really help in the years ahead, like it did for us.

  • private-college-529-timeline-image-3


    Use our calculator to figure out what you need to start your own plan.

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Plan Insights

Handy Insights on the Cost of College

Did you know that very few families pay the posted “sticker” price of college? In fact, 90% of private college students receive financial aid.* Click below to estimate and compare the tuition costs you might pay at the nearly 300 Private College 529 participating schools.

* National Association of Independent Colleges and Universities